There may be some things that you are not sure about, we don't want you to feel

uncomfortable when you come along so below are some Q & A that may help.

If you have any other questions then please contact us at the email address given on this website.

Q - Is there any dress code?
A - There is no formal dress code. However we would ask that visitors remember that this is a              place of worship, and as such we would ask for a sense of modesty
Q - Are children allowed to come along?
A - We would be more than happy for you to bring your children of any age. We are                            considering arranging some activities specifically for children
      Please contact us or check back on our events page where we shall post any new events.
Q - Will I be asked to pay anything?
A - We make no charges at any of our services, and we do not take any collections except for a            Sunday morning when the members have an opportunity to make a voluntary contribution.
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